Matthew Henkler

(who is that guy anyways?)
Take a scroll with me to find out

I only have one skill: developing mastery

I like to pretend that I’m a mutant with a learning superpower and a super sexy origin story. But it’s just a lifetime of dissecting and mastering dozens of skills. Anyone can achieve mastery with the right attitude, daily habits, and the right training plan.

I can help you with that.

I'm having a love affair with tech

(don’t tell my wife)


I’ve dissected every bit of tech I could get my hands on for over 25 years. I started my first tech company in 1993 mostly just to play with the latest and greatest. I couldn’t believe you could get paid to do this.


I still can’t.

I have a Rottweiler puppy

Her name is Xena.


Sometimes we pretend we are wolves when we run together. She thinks this is hilarious.

I'm a late-life fitness geek

I used to be someone who thought exercise was a walk from my desk to my car.  Now I sometimes go outside and run a marathon by myself. I’m weird.


You can harness the same techniques used by world class athletes to improve nearly any skill.

I read books

(a lot of books…)

At least 30 minutes every single day.  With my 400 calorie coffee in hand. Possibly while laying on a bed of nails.

I write sometimes

Sometimes it’s about what I’m currently experimenting with. Or something I discovered that I just have to share with you. I’m no Hemingway, but I promise I’ll do my best to make it worth your time.


Stick around. Let’s learn something together.


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